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These figures are unacceptably high. We should be striving for zero fatalities and zero harm. Based on my experience, providing proper training can go a long way towards eliminating accidents and achieving this target, he said. To facilitate this, the MBAWC is offering on-site occupational health and safety training to its members employees as well as to their subcontractors through its newly acquired training vehicle. This service is also extended to FEM policy holders who are not members of the association. Employee behaviour is a large contributor to accidents, Bester said. Through the training vehicle, we provide short, high impact sessions that will change their mind-sets regarding their actions or in-actions. As these will take place at our members various sites around the Western Cape, production interruptions will be minimal. He said the association wants employees in the industry to understand that employers do care for their health and safety and are trying to put measures in place to reduce accidents and injuries. The 30-minute slots will cover issues such as scaffold precautions, working safely at heights, the correct use, storage and maintenance of personal protective equipment as well as Hazchem safety. This may however be adjusted in accordance with the needs of the member. The vehicle will spend between five and six hours on a site, with a timetable allowing for at least eight sessions, each of which will accommodate up to 12 people.

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Murray Goldberg However, training drives safety. In one study, Capt. Stephen Cross of the Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz determined that the human element contributes to approximately 80% of maritime accidents. Of those accidents, roughly 81% were due to a lack of sufficient training. The link between insufficient training and accidents is well established, and the training implications of a new regulation such as Subchapter M cannot be ignored. What training is required under Subchapter M? Subchapter M provides some direction on those operational aspects that require training. However, it does not discuss how training is to occur nor how it is to be evaluated. This is common in maritime regulations as operations vary widely from one operator to another. In a perfect world, the requirements would also account for training methods. The difference between good and bad training is vast.

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